The Warning

FBI Case File X-351-B

Acting Agent: Sydney Roper
Supervising Chief: Andre Valenkov
Notes Log: x351b-1.log
Investigation Summary To-Date:
At 04:12 Thursday, February 12th 2008, Washington National Airport ccsc showed a (unidentified) Caucasian male entering the northeastern male lavatory of Terminal 3-C. Subject appeared to be in his late forties, balding, wearing spectacles and a filthy red overcoat and denim jeans, carrying a black leather attache case with papers partially visible caught between the lid. Other security footage shows the subject being dropped off by taxi earlier.
At 04:13 ccsc footage is corrupted. Footage resumes exactly five minutes later at 04:18. Terminal attendant at desk twenty yards away (Janice Wolcaster) insists on accounting for the blackout as a period of “missing time.” When footage resumes, attendant is at kiosk and appears disoriented.
04:38 Ms. Wolcaster enters male lavatory due to what she describes as intuition. Runs out immediately and notifies airport security.

< AV > What the [redacted] do you mean by intuition, Syd? I don’t expect slipshod [redacted] from you.
< SR > All the interview tapes are on file, Andre. You want ’em, you can look ’em up. I was told to keep these things brief. Besides, she said the [redacted] feeling of dread, overcoming it out of sheer perversity. You want that in the [redacted] report?

Evidence Reference #:
1a: Security Camera recording disc.
1b: Photographs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
2a: Forensic sample 1 (blood)
2b: Forensic sample 2 (partial print)

< SR > [redacted] labs. They can’t even get some photos done on time for my report. Anyway I’m not wasting any more time on this thing. I don’t know why something that amounts to little more than creepy vandalism ends up on my desk other than that it happened at a [redacted] airport. We’ve got no body, john doe might as well be houdini or a hacker for all I know, and the labs can’t figure out anything from the partial or the blood. I figure it’s just a prank. Some liberals at the university got some blood and thought they’d get one over on DHS with a little graffiti and a disappearing act. “They walk among us” sounds like leftie [redacted] to me, anyway.

< AV > I’m not going to round file this one for you. I’m sending it to the [redacted] at that “x files” department they have over in the south wing. Refer to your procedures manual, Chapter 5: How To Write Reports.

The Warning

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