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Professions List

Aegis recruits primarily from U.S. government agencies. That bias is reflected in the following sample of professions available to Player Characters. In the game, each profession has a specific cost in terms of Quality points, and various skill bonuses, Qualities, Drawbacks, and Pulling Strings included in a package.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF)

The ATF enforces the Federal laws and regulations relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives, and arson. In January 2003, the enforcement section of the ATF was transferred to the Department of Justice.

ATF Professions: ATF Agent, ATF Investigator

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security (BDS)

The BDS protects diplomatic personnel against violent assault. It also handles testing and updating of the security of all overseas diplomatic facilities, and provides trained security personnel for those areas. The Bureau is known as a smaller and more private version of the Secret Service; its agents share a reputation for seriousness and even-tempered, dedicated service to the country. The BDS is a division of the Department of State.

BDS Professions: BDS Advance Agent, BDS Bodyguard

Bureau of Intelligence and Research (BIR)

The BIR works to determine all possible threats and responses to diplomatic missions all around the world. It runs a computer network that is updated daily and informs government employees of threats. Working closely with all the other American intelligence agencies, as well as with the nation’s allies, the BIR is able to track and coordinate action to protect American diplomats and citizens from harm overseas. The BIR is a division of the Department of State.

BIR Professions: BIR Analyst, BIR Field Service Agent

Bureau of Prisons

The mission of the Federal Bureau of Prisons is to protect society by confining offenders in prisons and community-based facilities that are safe, humane, and secure, and that provide work and other self-improvement opportunities to assist offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens.
Aegis has some interest in recruiting Bureau of Prisons officials or corrections officers. Aegis has more often recruited prisoners. These prisoners are offered good time credits, prison privileges, and/or probation if they agree to join an Aegis cell. Of course, these operatives are watched carefully and eliminated at the slightest hint of a security leak. Further, they are usually treated as highly expendable, which they are. Sometimes the deal offered by Aegis is better than jail. A convict’s Influence and Status Qualities reflects his standing in the underworld; his Resources are generally ill-gotten gains and schemes.

Bureau of Prisons Professions: Criminal – Nonviolent, Criminal – Violent, Prison Warden

Center for Advanced Phenomenological Studies (CAPS)

In 1966, a number of Aegis cells disappeared or were slaughtered. Aegis Prime launched an intensive internal search for a mole. In late 1966, however, one member of Aegis Prime received a surprise visit at home from a powerful occultist, Peter Henry Westmane. Westmane confronted the member with a detailed description of Aegis’ current situation and problems and indicated that his mystic society had been allies of Aegis’ predecessor.
Aegis Prime assigned Westmane some mundane combat/espionage specialists and sent him to track down the murderers. So began Aegis’ first counterattack in the Aegis/Montague Club war. By late 1967, Westmane had successfully closed the security leak and neutralized the msot active and dangerous of the opposition Mantague Club cabals.
Aegis Prime was now significantly aware of the supernatural power it had been overlooking and quickly moved to address this deficiency. It offered to build and fund a research facility for Westmane on the Nellis Range. This offer had the dual purpose of enabling Aegis Prime to keep close watch on Westmane and his coterie. Although obviously aware of Aegis Prime’s dual motives, Westmane accepted and founded Aegis’ Center for Advanced Phenomenological Studies (CAPS).

CAPS Professions: CAPS Occultist, CAPS Parapsychologist, CAPS Psychic

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The bulk of Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) programs are of little use or benefit to Aegis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, are charged with the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The CDC conduct medical research and publicity, aid in the control of epidemics, and track infectious diseases.

CDC Professions: CDC Scientist

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is charged with collecting, collating, and analyzing foreign intelligence. The CIA works closely with the DEA and the FBI on drug law enforcement and counter-terrorism. The CIA also liaises with the intelligence and security services of friendly governments, sharing intelligence information and providing advice and training when requested.
CIA recruits quality people in nearly all fields of study. Scientists, engineers, economists, linguists, mathematicians, secretaries, and computer specialists are but a few of the disciplines continually in demand. Some are specialists – physical and social scientists, doctors of medicine, lawyers, etc.
The CIA’s secrecy and specializations make it an ideal target for Aegis recruitment. Unfortunately, the agency’s high public profile and the frequent, intrusive Congressional oversight detract from an Aegis operative’s flexibility and missions. Aegis agents in the CIA are even more paranoid than their cellmates.

CIA Professions: CIA Agent, CIA Analyst/Technician

Project CYGNET

Project CYGNET specializes in remote viewing and psi warfare. CYGNET remote viewers are among the best in the world. Each one is instructed in both psychic and practical matters to ensure that all are as useful as possible to the Committee and their assigned cells. CYGNET operatives may be called upon by the Committee at any time to task sites related to another cell’s operations.
CYGNET remote viewers are typically attached to a government intelligence organization, conducting top-secret reconnaissance. Almost every legitimate agency may be considered a candidate for CYGNET attachment. Psychics may be assigned to an Aegis cell that has a particular need.


The goal of Project GRAYBEARD is to bring psi to the battlefield and make it a new tool for warfare. The project specifically works to develop Telepathy and Telekinesis. While GRAYBEARD has not achieved all of its goals, it has been successful in creating a number of psychic agents.
Like CYGNET agents, GRAYBEARD operatives are usually attached to active government intelligence organizations. Again, any legitimate government agency may have a Graybeard operative in its ranks. Graybeard operatives are also assigned to Aegis Cells that have infiltrated or desire to infiltrate those organizations.


THOTH is a supercomputer accessible only by Project CYGNET members. THOTH is programmed to sift through all available databases to correlate and analyze information gained from CYGNET remote viewers and other psychics. By cross-referencing all its databases, THOTH is able to find the most likely event, person, or place related to the information fed into it. THOTH has access to the NSA’s and CIA’s databases, generally available sites on the Internet, and HERMES, but only for purposes of identifying remotely viewed locations. THOTH is accessed through specially encoded HERMES links.
In addition to standard reports that must be filed with HERMES on a regular basis, CYGNET operatives are expected to upload information gained from all psychic sources into THOTH.

CYGNET/GRAYBEARD Professions: CYGNET Remote Viewer, CYGNET Scientist/Parapsychologist, GRAYBEARD Operative

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

The DEA is the division of the Department of Justice charged with investigating and apprehending major domestic and international drug criminals, while addressing the growing problem of drugs and violence in communities across the United States. Its methods range from extensive surveillance and undercover work, both in America and abroad, to SWAT team assaults on large drug operations. The DEA regularly conducts paramilitary interdiction and search-and-destroy missions on foreign drug operations.
The combination of investigative and paramilitary functions in the DEA, and its extensive network of offices, makes it an attractive source of operatives for Aegis. Aegis has been active in the DEA since its inception in 1973.

DEA Professions: DEA Field Agent, DEA Intelligence Analyst, DEA Forensic Scientist

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

The DIA is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DOD) responsible for collection and analysis of foreign military intelligence. Both Aegis and the NDD have steered DIA toward the gathering of intelligence on the three known alien races. Although both organizations have infiltrated the DIA – Aegis to a lesser degree than the NDD – an informal truce has arisen over the years. This keeps intelligence disruptions to a minimum.

DIA Professions: DIA Field Investigator, DIA Intelligence Analyst

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

The DTIC was created in 1945 to facilitate and coordinate defense-related research programs. Today, the DTIC supplies information on planned, ongoing, and completed defense-related research to U.S. government agencies and their contractors. The scope of DTIC’s collection centers on defense-related material but stretches into nearly every science and discipline, including biology, chemistry, energy, environmental sciences, oceanography, computer sciences, sociology, logistics, and human resources.
One of the principal DTIC resources is the Information Analysis Center (IAC) program. The 12 IACs collect, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate worldwide scientific and technical information in clearly defined, specialized fields or subject areas. IACs enable client scientists to keep abreast of the enormous and fast-paced developments in a wide range of scientific and technical fields. These immense repositories of information are special targets of Aegis in its continuing effort to stay at the forefront of technological developments, and to decipher and analyze alien technology. IAC scientists and analysts are heavily recruited into Aegis.

DTIC Professions: DTIC IAC Analyst, DTIC IAC Scientist/Technician

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The FBI is the principal investigative arm of the Department of Justice, with jurisdiction over more than 200 categories of federal crimes. Top priority has been assigned to five areas: counter-terrorism, drugs/organized crime, foreign counterintelligence, violent crime, and financial crime.
The FBI’s broad jurisdiction and extensive intelligence network make it a prime target for Aegis infiltration. The excellent qualifications of FBI special agents make them extremely valuable. Further, the FBI’s training, analysis, and laboratory facilities are highly useful resources for Aegis cells.

FBI Professions: FBI Field Agent, FBI Intelligence Analyst, FBI Forensic Scientist

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

With the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the functions, expertise, resources, and jurisdictions of several once-fragmented border and security agencies were merged and reconstituted into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the DHS’s largest investigative bureau. The agencies that were either moved entirely or merged in part, based upon law enforcement functions, included the investigative and intelligence resources of the United States Customs Service, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the Federal Protective Service, and the Federal Air Marshals Service.
ICE is the investigative arm of the Border and Transportation Security Directorate (BTS), the operational directorate within the DHS tasked with securing the nation’s borders and safeguarding its transportation infrastructure. The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has assumed the task of protecting the county’s borders within the DHS’ command. The largest component within the DHS, the BTS employs more than 100,000 men and women. The Bureau’s law enforcement powers and access to the country’s borders make it a valuable source of Aegis agents. Aegis concentrates on the Special Agents and forensic scientists. Rarely does it draw from the ranks of Customs Inspectors.

ICE Professions: ICE Border Patrol Officer, ICE Customs Forensic Scientist, ICE Intelligence Analyst, ICE Investigator, ICE Special Agent


During its “official” CIA lifetime starting in 1952, MKULTRA researched and tested a variety of mind-control techniques, hypnotism and electroshock, toxins and drugs, and other highly dubious enterprises. The test subjects were more often than not unknowing or unwilling. In 1963, Project MKULTRA was officially terminated.
The most promising lines of research, including all the psychic programs, were relocated and suborned by Aegis, currently housed at a medium-sized complex several miles away from the Ranch on the Nellis Range. Research findings are disseminated using HERMES, and a synergistic approach is encouraged. The pooled but independent research team structure has yielded impressive results in the areas of submerged personalities, psychic disciplines, psychic drugs, and behavior modification.
MKULTRA has produced a number of psychically active operatives. These personnel are some of the most important and valued of Aegis assets.

Project MKULTRA Professions: MKULTRA Operative, MKULTRA Psychic, MKULTRA Scientist/Parapsychologist


The governmental about-face after the Roswell incident raised real public controversy, and the Air Force was forced to commission a second study on the UFO phenomenon. This 1952 program, Project BLUEBOOK, was to be the definitive governmental statement. Aegis Prime determined that direct control of BLUEBOOK was too risky, so it established a more secretive screening program entitled Project MOONDUST. Aegis Prime arranged that all UFO reports and “alien” downed aircraft be reviewed by MOONDUST first, and a “sanitized” version of the material was handed on to BLUEBOOK. Not surprisingly, the Condon Report (named after the physicist heading the study group) revealed that no conclusive evidence supported the existence of alien life. Project BLUEBOOK then closed its doors to the apparent satisfaction of the general public. MOONDUST, however, continues to this day and has become the first response team for downed UFOs, alien technology, and alien subjects.
The remaining legitimate, overt portion of Project MOONDUST is called Project BLUE FLY. BLUE FLY’s official duty is the retrieval of crashed foreign spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. For most of its existence, BLUE FLY was directed at fighting the Warsaw Pact, but of late it has evolved into more of a space-oriented search and rescue operation. As with the rest of MOONDUST, BLUE FLY is entirely under Aegis control.
A large contingent of MOONDUST personnel is situated at a complex several miles from the Ranch on the Nellis Range. A series of smaller teams, however, are scattered around the country and at foreign bases to allow for the quickest response time to downed space vehicles.

Project MOONDUST Professions: Moondust Linguist, Moondust Ops Specialist, Moondust Tech Specialist, Moondust NAIC Technician/Engineer, Moondust BLUE FLY Pilot

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA is responsible for the coordination and advancement of civilian space exploration and study. NASA consists of the Headquarters Offices located in Washington, D.C. and a number of research centers scattered about the county. Aegis primarily recruits from the Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise (HEDS), the Office of Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology (OASSTT), and the Office of Space Science (OSS). Aegis uses each of these agencies to direct and contain human knowledge of space, both near and far.
Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise (HEDS) claims to be dedicated to opening the space frontier and to extending human life into the far reaches of space.
The Office of Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology (OASTT, also known as the Aeronautics Enterprise) is supposed to push technological boundaries and to sustain U.S. leadership in civil aeronautics and space transportation.
The Office of Space Science (OSS) is tasked with solving the mysteries of the universe, exploring the solar system, discovering planets around other stars, searching for life beyond Earth, and charting the evolution of the universe and understanding its galaxies, stars, planets, and life.
Neither NASA nor the Air Force is engaged in day-to-day UFO research. At least, that is the story Aegis wants disseminated to the public. In truth, selected NASA individuals review UFO-related articles, evaluate UFO-type spacecraft drawings and reports of UFO sightings, and consider applications for employment int he field of aerial phenomena investigation.
NASA is a vital resource in Aegis’ efforts to combat extraterrestrial operations. NASA maintains a fleet of spacecraft, NASA astronauts are uniquely qualified to operate in zero-gravity environments, and NASA researchers have been designing and analyzing spacecraft for decades. NASA’s focus on space also makes it the perfect platform for monitoring and maintaining secrecy about alien activities in and around our planet.

NASA Professions: NASA HEDS Administrator, NASA HEDS Ground Crew, NASA HEDS Mission Specialist, NASA OASTT Engineer, NASA OASTT Technician, NASA OSS Engineer, NASA OSS Technician

National Security Agency (NSA)

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is responsible for centralized coordination, direction, and performance of highly specialized intelligence functions. As the nation’s cryptological organization, NSA employs this country’s premier code-makers and codebreakers. A high-technology organization, NSA is on the very frontiers of communications and data processing. In addition, NSA is one of the most important centers of foreign language analysis and research within the government.
As the world becomes more technology-oriented, NSA’s mission becomes increasingly challenging. This mission involves the protection of all sensitive information that is stored or sent through national security systems. NSA professionals go to extraordinary lengths to make certain that our government systems remain impenetrable.

NSA Professions: NSA Computer Scientist, NSA Intelligence Analyst

Office of Energy Research (OER)

The Department of Energy is responsible for providing scientific, educational, and institutional leadership in the promotion of efficient energy use, diversity in energy sources, and a secure national defense. For the most part, the divisions of the Department of Energy are administrative and regulatory and thus do not greatly concern Aegis.
The Office of Energy Research, the program which includes most Aegis personnel, administers projects in high energy and nuclear physics, biological and environmental research, basic Energy sciences, fusion energy sciences, and computational and technology research. These scientific areas have provided Aegis and HERMES with significant information and technological developments.

OER Professions: OER Scientist/Technician

Groom Dry Lake Research Facility (The Ranch)

The Ranch was established as an Aegis base of operations in 1952 on the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range in Nevada. Over the years, Aegis has diverted military and other funds into the Ranch to maintain its status as the best operation headquarters technologically possible. A number of different cells operate at the base, in a variety of different areas. A few of these personnel know about some of the others; many are unaware of any other part of the conspiracy. This increases security and keeps operatives on their toes.
Groom Lake operates as a standard military base. Soldiers, scientists, technicians, and politicians with the proper clearances have access to the regular operations and specially staged portions of the base. On the other hand, plenty of room is available at the sprawling complex for isolated laboratories, test facilities, shooting ranges, and electronically locked offices. These are where the Aegis operatives perform their duties.
Professions at the Ranch focus almost exclusively on the alien threat. The pilots who test-fly alien aircraft are almost always part of Aegis cells, as it is very difficult to hide alien technology in a spacecraft. Scientists and researches at the Ranch become part of Aegis cells if their work is valuable and sensitive enough. Both serve crucial roles in expanding Aegis’ knowledge of alien technology and physiology.

Ranch Professions: Ranch Scientist/Technician, Ranch Test Pilot

Project Rasputin

As early as 1939, Stalin authorized and funded a highly secretive group of psychic and occult researchers headed by a celebrated Russian psychic, Wolf Gregorievich Messing. This group greatly aided Russia’s war effort and unknowingly worked with the Watch against Secret Doctrine Nazi occultists.
Thereafter, the paranormal group was formulated and refocused toward psychic research. The group was headed by Dr. Sergei Markova, whose 10-year-old daughter Tatyana was the star subject. Stalin also ordered the elimination of any outsiders who displayed psychic tendencies. Tatyana, who had developed into a brilliant young physicist and powerful psychic, took over the project in 1954. Stalin humored Markova when she asked to label the group Project Rasputin.
In 1958, one of Khrushchev’s first official acts as Premier was to triple funding for Project Rasputin and focus it principally toward Cold War spy activities. By this time, Markova’s ground-breaking team had developed rudimentary psychotrons (psychic-enhancing devices). In 1977, Markova achieved her greatest triumph, presiding over the launch of the psychotron satellite Alexis and the development of a training program for the cosmonauts who would be its operators aboard the Mir space station. A year later, Markova and key documents relating to her research disappeared. The Soviets blamed the CIA, but the U.S. government and even Aegis could not uncover those responsible. Rasputin continued operations as a Soviet program until 1991. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the general breakdown of Russian government and society, Project Rasputin found itself unfunded and friendless. Aegis tracked down and coopted or neutralized most of Rasputin’s major participants.
Today, Rasputin operates in a number of facilities across the U.S., particularly at a research complex several miles from the Ranch on the Nellis Range. These research teams and psychic subjects are not all aware of Aegis but are monitored by Aegis Prime just as MKULTRA teams are.

Project Rasputin Professions: Rasputin Psychic Agent, Rasputin Scientist/Parapsychologist

U.S. Air Force (USAF)

By far the most infiltrated of the Armed Services, the Air Force is matched only by NASA as a core power base for Aegis. From politicians to administrators to combatants to technicians, the Air Force supplies Aegis with countless valuable personnel.

USAF Professions: USAF Air Staff Officer, USAF Intelligence Officer, USAF Pilot, USAF Technician, USAF Secretariat Officer

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has long been the power base of the NDD. For this reason, and because it is so important int he U.S. national defense, Aegis has devoted some effort to infiltrating this service but has met with only partial success; Aegis influence int he Army is limited. For the most part, Aegis draws combat and technical personnel from the Army for missions and operations. The few upper management and command personnel whom Aegis has recruited are strictly used as watchers and moles reporting on Army and NDD activities.

U.S. Army Professions: US Army Helicopter Pilot, US Army Intelligence Officer, US Army Ranger, US Army Technician

United States Marshal Service (USMS)

Each of the 95 federal districts has its own federal Marshal, who heads USMS operations in that district.
As part of the Justice Department, the duties of the Marshals Service include asset forfeiture, court security, investigation and apprehension of federal fugitives, custody of federal prisoners, transport of federal prisoners, and protection of witnesses. The Marshals Service is responsible for the management and disposal of seized and forfeited assets bought with the proceeds of drug trafficking and organized crime. It has primary jurisdiction nationwide in conducting and investigating fugitive matters involving escaped federal prisoners, probation, parole, and bond default violators, and warrants generated by DEA investigations and other related felony cases.
Given the Marshal Service’s wide range of duties and specialized investigation and operations capacities, Aegis has targeted it for recruitment. Although no federal Marshals have time to devote to actual cell operations, a number of junior and senior Deputy Marshals are part of Aegis cells.

USMS Professions: USMS Deputy Marshal, USMS Special Operations Group Marshal

U.S. Navy

Neither Aegis nor the NDD has devoted significant resources to infiltrating the Navy. Indeed, when either organization has tried to push recruitment into the Navy, it has met with inexplicable resistance and several significant security breaches have resulted. At present, Aegis limits itself to the naval aviators and space programs and certain special forces. NDD has made inroads in the U.S. Marine Corps. Neither has managed a toehold in the higher political or administrative structure, ore the major command groups.

US Navy Professions: USN Intelligence Officer, USN Naval Aviator, USN Sailor, USN SEAL, USN Technician

U.S. Secret Service (USSS)

The Secret Service protects the lives of the President and Vice President of the United States and other important government officials and their immediate families. The Secret Service also provides security at a number of government buildings, including the White House complex, the Treasury Building, and Treasury Annex. Their connections to the Treasury Department remain, despite the Secret Service becoming part of the Department of Homeland Security in January 2003. The Secret Service is also charged with the detection and arrest of any person committing any offense relating to coins, currency, stamps, Government bonds, checks, credit/debt card fraud, computer fraud, and false identification.
Since the security debacle that resulted in Aegis’ part in the Kennedy assassination, Aegis has been particularly careful about recruitment in the Secret Service. Most Secret Service operatives are deep-cover moles who do not engage in field work and who report directly to a member of Aegis Prime.

USSS Professions: USSS Agent, USSS Security Specialist


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